The Fire Industry Association (FIA) has proudly released their first ‘Fire Future Today’ anthology, a compelling collection of essays that marks a significant milestone in the discourse on fire safety evolution. This anthology, accessible free of charge, features contributions from twelve distinguished fire sector leaders, each presenting their vision for advancing fire safety and preparedness.

The full list of contributors is as follows:

  • Chris Philp MP, Minister of State (Minister for Crime, Policing and Fire)
  • Sir Ken Knight, Former London Fire Commissioner and Government Chief Fire Advisor for England
  • Yvette Williams MBE, Justice4Grenfell Founder
  • Mark Wilson, HSE Operational Lead For Policy And Planning Gateway One
  • Steve Hamm, Institution of Fire Engineers CEO
  • Dr Jill Tolfrey, The Fire Fighters Charity CEO
  • Cllr Frank Biederman, LGA Fire Services Management Committee Chair
  • Cllr Jane Hugo, LGA Fire Services Management Committee Equalities Advocate
  • Andy Frankum, National Social Housing Fire Strategy Group Chair
  • Dr Chris Xiaoxuan Lu,  School of Informatics at the University of Edinburgh
  • Steve McGuirk CBE, Fire Sector Federation Executive Officer
  • Mark Hardingham, National Fire Chiefs Council Chair

FIA CEO, Ian Moore said: “As CEO of the Fire Industry Association, one of my most important roles is to challenge our fire sector to find ways we can collectively improve fire safety. Both now, and into the future.

“One of the key themes emerging from this series of essays is the urgent need for us all to collaborate more effectively, for the benefit of all – removing any divides between the private and public sectors of UK fire safety.

“It reminds me of a recent conversation I had with a respected fire and rescue service leader, in which they said they were hoping 2024 may be the year that a specific problem they were encountering could be solved by a to-be-invented piece of firefighter protective equipment. I had the pleasure of letting them know that the exact product they were wishing for had been brought to market last year, and could solve their issue today.

“This experienced and knowledgeable person was delighted, and six weeks later had successfully implemented the product into their workforce.
“They sent a thank you email to me after, and I found the PS inspiring – ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’.

“This is a sentiment the FIA swears by, and that’s why we brought together this group of senior fire industry leaders, to help us all understand more about the things we don’t know.

“In previous ages, it was thought that leadership meant knowing everything. However, thankfully today we can be honest and humble, and relish the fact that no one knows it all, and we can focus on listening to other more informed views, and learning.

“Personally, I spend half of my time with providers of fire products and services, and the other half with users of these. This means I hear what challenges are being experienced by FRSs and local and national government, while also discovering the best new solutions to these. Every day is a school day!

“These daily learning moments never fail to make me feel proud of our collective fire sector, but I fully appreciate that I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to realise what I don’t know so often.

“That’s why I am so pleased to share this anthology with the sector, and I hope the insight within these featured essays provide readers with new perspectives on what are the most pressing fire issues of our time.

“To wrap up, it’s important for me to thank each expert contributor who’s shared their thoughts in this year’s edition. Personally, I’ve found them very interesting, and it’s helped us rethink our ways of working. I hope others derive the same inspiration.”

The Fire Future Today anthology of ideas is viewable here, alternatively you can read it below be sure to press the full screen button (in the bottom right).